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Your trusted local agent since 1992

Your trusted local agent since 1992

Sell and buy without agents

How To Buy And Sell Without Agents

Repeated national surveys show that real estate agents are one of the least trusted groups of people in our society.

There must be a good reason. It must be because many people feel cheated and ripped off by their experiences with real estate agents.

At Bernats Lewis Real Estate, we have your best interests at heart. That’s why, even though we uphold the highest ethical standards in the profession, we know that you may be tempted to try to sell your home through other, typical real estate agents.

That’s why we encourage you to read this book. In this book you will find out how simple and stress-free it can be to sell your own home – without agents.

This book is really essential reading for all home sellers, to understand how real estate works.

And even if you decide to sell your home youself, you can always ring us and get some free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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