Current as of September 2015

Bernats Lewis Real Estate Head office in Beenleigh are looking to hire people and expand again!

The founders Mark Lewis and Susanne Bernats-Lewis established themselves in real estate under a franchise banner back in 1984.

Right back from the beginning the company had a strong community focus and adopted the mantra “Everything I do will make the world a better place” Putting people and the consumers first.

This resulted in Bernats Lewis Real Estate being the only agent in the area carrying the accreditation of Jenman Approved.

The path of becoming an official consumer advocate supporter, forged too many differences between the company and the franchise. The consumers loved it but the other agents did not.

This was the reason the company parted the franchise and went independent in 2001 under the name of Bernats Lewis Real Estate.

Continuous growth of the company puts pressure on the management to hire the right people. Could you be one of them?

If you have never worked in real estate before, live locally, like to get passionate about what you do and love to help and talk to people this could be for you.

Come and join a vibrant colourful team that are focusing on being the best they can be by attending regular training courses and working with some very experienced team members including the founders.

We are looking to hire juniors, seniors, full timers, part timers both in administration, property management and sales.

We are looking for mature minded ( age is no barrier - a 15 year old can be mature minded too) conscientious, responsible, loyal, honest people that enjoys working hard and take initiative working independently yet fitting into a team environment and most of all enjoys talking to and helping people.

Remunerations are depending on positions sought a mixture of part time and full time hourly rate positions. Full time guaranteed salary packaged positions. The sales positions enjoy a favourable bonus system on top of the secure salary. (In our company we want all our team members to be safe therefore there is no room for debit- credit or commission only systems availabe)

All equipment and consumables including mobile is provided for. Company car can be negotiated.

If you are over 18 years of age in most positions a drivers licence is a must.

Dress code: Business - like a Qantas flight attendant or similar.

Interested candidates should email Susanne Bernats-Lewis now ! Please email to In subject line please write: Eenquiry- Name and your ph number or text to 0407108725.

Thank you for your time and when you enquire we will give you a call the same day.

Good Luck in your job hunting. Don't hold back. Give it a go! You never know, it could be just the right thing for you. If it is you never have to work again because your work becomes your hobby. That is what happened to me!

Yours Truly
Susanne Bernats-Lewis